Business Meeting Tips from 5 Literary Greats

King Lear and Satan offering advice on how to have more effective business meetings? No kidding – there are tips in here from five places you never would have looked. And I’ve seen most of them work in real life!

One Manager is Probably Enough. Two is Likely More than Enough.

Matrix management is dead? Nope – some people are dealing with two managers, as if one wasn’t enough. There are problems with that, of course, outlined here with a few solution ideas too.

Workers Don’t Just Work – They Also Know How to Think!

Empowering individuals and teams in the workplace is not just about pumping their self-esteem. You can make a toolkit available to support them in productive conversations and improving their abilities to collaborate, plan, test and implement organization processes, changes and solutions.

What to Manage: Workers? Or the Links Between Them?

Good management practices are a path to better organization performance. One important practice is getting feedback on the success of a team’s products, services and communications to others inside the organization and outside it too. Feedback is a valuable performance resource: how else will we know if our groups are performing well?

One Management Trainer’s Advice – and Why I Think He’s Wrong

I’ve been clearing out – very slowly – the client files from my career as a management consultant. I found some notes on what one workshop leader – I’ll call him Alex – said about “how to be a good manager”, and as you’ll see below, I didn’t agree with him on several of his […]

We All Need Deadlines

If no deadline is set, projects or tasks languish in limbo, their importance undetermined and their necessity questioned. Time to ask “by when?”.

The Leadership Challenge… Again.

Competent leadership: a personality trail or a practical communication skill? Perhaps a mix of both. It comes with a caution, though.

All Ears: The Importance of Listening in Organization Change

Here’s a nice little article on management communication in times of organization change – an important skill to develop, whether the change is small or large, simple or complex. Put this to work!

How Reliable are “Expectations” for Getting Good Performance?

We sometimes hear about “living up to expectations”, but it’s time to recognize that it’s impossible to do such a thing without a few prerequisite conditions. We would be better off insisting that people practice communication instead of expectation.

Feeling and Thinking Happen Inside Us.  Communication Happens Between Us.

There is some connection between the world of our feelings and thoughts and the world of our actions and communications, but we don’t know much about what it is. Still, if you practice acting and communicating, and listen openly others, you can discover “how you come across”.