Some Advice from an Effective Change Agent

Sometimes our communication gets a little sloppy, leaving others with a vague or inconclusive answer. We can fix that, and perhaps help others step up too. Be a stronger leader.

Where Does Forgiveness Fit into Leadership?

Completing all aspects of a workplace problem or upset, especially when it involves several people or workplace activity, can be immediately important. Forgiveness can save the day, but not without closing out the original trigger for the issue. Fix it, then forgive it.

Communicate – Don’t Accumulate

We often overestimate our own ability to put up with unspoken thoughts and underestimate the ability of others to deal with them. Fortunately, a new book hits the nail on the head about giving people “feedback”.

How Important is Appreciation as a Part of Employee Feedback?

Feedback comes in different flavors – appreciation is one of them. But all feedback, if it is respectful and useful, can be valuable.

Performance Management = Count the Hours Worked? Or the Results Produced?

What is “performance management”? Tracking how many hours people are at work? Or tracking the results they produce? Hmmm. It’s easier to watch the clock than do the real work of managing performance.

The New World of Management

We used to think people should “just do their jobs”. That day is pretty much gone. Now that we need to reinvent the job – often, and sometimes every day – we’d better get really good at productive communication.

Communication – One Way to Get Unstuck

Sometimes people get resigned about where they find themselves in their work or their life. (Been there!) It’s good to find a way to have some new conversations with people who can offer a new perspective, or a new access to another approach, another path. Communication is the key.

How to Handle Lateness – It’s Everywhere!

People, assignments, resources – lots of things show up late. We can do something to turn it around, or, if not, lateness will become a cultural fixture.

Preventing Change Fatigue: Burnout is Expensive – Communication is Not

People stop paying attention to an overload of changes at work – unless you take the time to debrief the progress of the change now and then. It begins to look like a swirl of pointless activity until someone says, “Hey! We cut our backlog in half!” Or, “We just saved X dollars on transportation and distribution!” Closure conversations are worth mastering.

Why Do Some Managers Ignore Poor Performance?

The work of managing performance is simple and specific. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to make time for that work, or that it is the most fun part of a Manager’s job. But it IS part of the job.