Motivation Part 4. Practice with Five Guidelines

Now you know: motivation is really only about having people take action and produce results, with a commitment to honoring their word to you. It’s not about getting people to “feel” a certain way so they’ll like you enough to do something. And it’s not about your own personality or charisma somehow inspiring them to […]

Motivation Part 3. Conversations to Get People Moving

“Motivation” is about motion – getting something, or someone, to move. Our research shows that the type of conversation you use will materially impact the likelihood of your success. Here’s how it works. Conversation for Understanding ONLY – Likelihood of Success = LOW. Using an Understanding Conversation on its own is the least likely to […]

Motivation, Part 2: Use These Conversations

We have found that ALL attempts at motivation involve either Understanding Conversations or Performance Conversations, or some combination of the two.  When you think about it, that’s really remarkable.  No matter what you are trying to get done, or whom you are trying to get to do it, every single attempt at motivation we have […]

Motivation: Part 1 in a series

This will be a multi-part post about “motivation”, i.e., getting people into action. Here’s the starting point: What does it take to get people to do what needs to be done? How do you get people into action? Why are people not doing what they are assigned? We often get these questions from managers who […]

Bridge the Gap between Understanding and Action

We were training the group about the difference between Understanding Conversations – where people get interested in an idea – and the Performance + Closure conversations that have people take action on it. Eddie found me on a break, and asked, “So you’re trying to bridge the gap between my knowing I need to go […]