Tip #2 on Being Professional:  Managers and Supervisors, Listen Up!

When we make excuses and blame others for our actions, our credibility suffers. It’s smarter to clarify the expectations others and take responsibility for our commitments.

Tip #1 on Being Professional – Courtesy of the Gossip Trio

What gossip looks like, and how it can bounce back to hurt the ones who do it. Don’t gossip: it just doesn’t make anybody look good, and it is NOT a career-helper.

What You Want & By When: Managers, Leaders, and Schedules

One manager in a recent MBA class was provoked by a discussion about the importance of using schedules, and offered her opinion on the difference between leaders and managers. “I want to be a leader,” she said, “not a manager. What does scheduling have to do with leadership?” Good question, actually. We were talking about […]

Change Champions: Commitment, Respect, and… Closure   

Change – organizational or personal – requires a few basics. Commitment, of course. Respect, certainly. And closure – regular status checks to stay on track and support success. Takes a bit of extra time, but it is a good investment.