Does Authority Lead to Reduced Communication?

Having authority can contribute to the very problems managers believe are solved by that authority.  Why, because when managers have authority they don’t think they need to communicate as much.  This is particularly true when managers confront threats to the successful completion of projects they are managing. Years of research indicates that managers who have […]

What Happens When Promises Aren’t Kept?

All of us have failed to keep a promise we made to someone.  It might have been we forgot to make a call, failed to get something done on time, or only did part of what we said we would.  And even though we may have a good reason for breaking our promise, there are […]

How Leaders Can Create New Contexts

Leadership occurs in communication, both verbal and nonverbal.  Verbal communication, however, does not mean just talking.  Talking is not the same as communicating and not all talking is equally effective.  If it were, all of us would have a much easier time doing the things with other people. One aspect of leadership communication is creating […]