Create Space in an Overwhelmed Life: A Recipe

Sometimes we run down so slowly that we don’t notice when it’s time to off-load some of the things that are piling up around us. Here’s a recipe that worked for a couple people I know. Myself included.

The Problem with People: Hidden Agendas

When you just aren’t “connecting” with someone, do you know what badge you could be wearing – and what badge might be best for the other person too?

The Problem with People

You know those name-badges people wear at conferences? I’m thinking people should wear them to state clearly what they are – and are not –committed to in life. It would save so much wasted time and confusion. Did you ever have a conversation with someone who said they wanted your help , only to discover that […]

Do As I Say! (or, Why We Don’t Get What We Want)

People mostly do what you ask. So think about what you really want before you make a request.