Prevent a BIG Management Mistake

What causes worry, stress and anxiety in employees? Unclear job requirements. Here are a few suggestions for improving employee job ownership and satisfaction by creating clear performance agreements.

Want a Successful New Year’s Resolution? Try Management (Recipe Enclosed)

Want to make a New Year’s resolution that you’ll really keep this time? Maybe put this pandemic to work for you? Use the basics of “results management” to keep yourself on track.

Workers Don’t Just Work – They Also Know How to Think!

Empowering individuals and teams in the workplace is not just about pumping their self-esteem. You can make a toolkit available to support them in productive conversations and improving their abilities to collaborate, plan, test and implement organization processes, changes and solutions.

Manager Tip: Clarify What You Really Want in Every Work Request

Managers are expected to have other people “produce results” as well as to “develop” them and their performance. Here’s an easy way to get both at once.

Some Advice from an Effective Change Agent

Sometimes our communication gets a little sloppy, leaving others with a vague or inconclusive answer. We can fix that, and perhaps help others step up too. Be a stronger leader.

Where Does Forgiveness Fit into Leadership?

Completing all aspects of a workplace problem or upset, especially when it involves several people or workplace activity, can be immediately important. Forgiveness can save the day, but not without closing out the original trigger for the issue. Fix it, then forgive it.

Communicate – Don’t Accumulate

We often overestimate our own ability to put up with unspoken thoughts and underestimate the ability of others to deal with them. Fortunately, a new book hits the nail on the head about giving people “feedback”.

How Important is Appreciation as a Part of Employee Feedback?

Feedback comes in different flavors – appreciation is one of them. But all feedback, if it is respectful and useful, can be valuable.

Accountability is a Manager’s Job – Not an Employee’s Mindset

Don’t look for accountability in a person. Create the structures and agreements that support a shared understanding of Who is responsible for producing What results and When those results are due. Then establish regular meetings to update the status of those agreements and modify them as needed.

Performance Management = Count the Hours Worked? Or the Results Produced?

What is “performance management”? Tracking how many hours people are at work? Or tracking the results they produce? Hmmm. It’s easier to watch the clock than do the real work of managing performance.