Give Your Goals a Little “Infrastructure” for Success

You can make a resolution to reach a goal – just include a communication plan to support your successful change.

Productive Meetings Don’t Just Happen

The meeting didn’t go well. In fact, one executive walked out before it was formally ended. Several people were annoyed or impatient while others, looking bored, simply didn’t participate. It was ultimately a waste of people’s time and energy, and left a few bad feelings to be cleaned up later. What was the purpose of […]

Time to Talk? Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Improve both efficiency and effectiveness with a clear and complete request.

No Closure, No Accomplishment

A normally upbeat and productive guy was suddenly downcast and discouraged yesterday morning. I went in to see Chuck and talk about progress on his most important project – implementing an employee development program – and he wasn’t even interested anymore. Wow. “This project doesn’t matter,” he said. “I thought it would make a huge […]