Associations: Management & Non-Dues Revenue

Association Management: Five Dimensions (pdf)

Mission, Performance, Alliances, Strategy, and Resources – if your Association team of Executive, Board, and Staff members have mastered these 5 dimensions of association management, your organization is in good shape. Intended as a document for discussion, this 4-page document has been useful for getting observations and ideas from all of these key people. Those discussions can create a foundation for strengthening the organization and its capacities for member service.

Association Revenue: 48 ways (pdf)

Associations wanting to create non-dues revenue have the challenge of choosing from 48 different options – even more if you want to combine them.  Business people think it should be easy – after all, Associations don’t really have to generate a profit, right? But these 3 pages show it isn’t a simple process.

Association Revenue: Planning for Change (pdf)

Planning for changes in your Association’s non-dues revenue streams is a 3-dimensional process. Where are your strengths and weaknesses? These 4 pages summarize each dimension and let you assess your organization with a 15-question quiz. It can be a useful way to get the Executives, Board, and Staff on the same page, and to open the discussion about making changes.

Also Available:   Association Non-Dues Revenue: Pave the Way

ANDR eBook CoverThis 74-page guidebook is for Association Executives and Board members who want to explore the idea of adding new non-dues revenue streams that will boost the bottom line. Written by an organization change management consultant (now retired), the book delivers advice and assistance based on years of experience in Association revenue change. It includes methods for engaging Association managers and staff, understanding where to begin, and making the right decisions for your unique association. For the Association Executive committed to building a strong foundation for member value, revenue growth, and effective change, the book includes the following topics:

  • Eight dimensions of uniqueness – what makes your Association special?
  • The risks of three not-for-profit mindsets;
  • It’s not just about revenue – build 3 capacities for a strong future;
  • What is the shape of the changes you need to make – see the 7 scope questions;
  • How to create a “leadership retreat” to launch the change – and what to do next.

This eBook includes an example case from the author’s consulting work, revenue options to choose from, and insights on what works and what doesn’t work in selecting and implementing non-dues revenue changes. Download the free Association Non-Dues Revenue book.